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Qian Jepson

Graphic Illustrator

( Gouache Enthusiast & Color Lover )

Qian is a Chinese American who graduated from Massachusetts College of Art and Design in May 2018 with a BFA in Illustration.


Qian is strongly passionate about color and line with additional interests in type which is prominently displayed in their poster work.
They prefer to work in Acryla Gouache, they have used it for the majority
of their passion projects. Qian can also complete similar grade work digitally and can be seen from time to time furiously painting on their iPad for sketches, concept work, or faster paced projects.

Interested in seeing WIPs, doodles, and process work? Check out their instagram @amorphinetoast!

Collaborative Published works

Pacific Arcana: Tumultus / 2018

Legacies: An Asian American Anthology / 2019

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