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22 / Illustration BFA '18

Qian (sh-yen) Jepson is primarily a traditional Illustrator who uses acryla gouache and ink, but also knows how to paint digitally as well. Qian also dabbles in graphic design work and really enjoys creating text layouts with images.

Qian works tends to be flat using bright colors that contrast wildly with each other and delicate line work for details. In some areas, light shading and texture is also used to add a little more depth. Digital touches tend to include color correction, minor details such as shading or a few detail lines, lettering, and text layout.

If you'd like to see process work and what Qian does as doodles or for fun, go to the Instagram tab above (or click here!)

Contact form is above at the contact tab; Qian's email address is qian-illustrations@gmail.com.